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Adult Fiction    
Ackroyd, Peter. Three brothers    
  Archer, Jeffrey. Be careful what you wish for  
  Brackston, Paula. The midnight witch   
  Brennan, Allison. Notorious   
  Butler, Nickolas. Shotgun lovesongs   
  Clement, Jennifer. Prayers for the stolen    
  Coben, Harlan. Missing you   
  Cussler, Clive. The bootlegger   
  Dillen, Frederick G. Beauty    
  Donoghue, Emma. Frog music    
  Fortier, Anne. The lost sisterhood    
  Garrison, Paul. Robert Ludlum's The Janson option 
  Green, Jane. Tempting fate   
  Grippando, James. Black horizon   
  Grossman, David. Falling out of time   
  Hustvedt, Siri. The blazing world    
  Kaysen, Susanna. Cambridge    
  Kerouac, Jack. Haunted life: and other writings 
  Klay, Phil. Redeployment   
  Korelitz, Jean Hanff. You should have known   
  LaPlante, Alice A circle of wives   
  Laukkanen, Owen. Kill fee   
  Leuthardt, Eric C. RedDevil 4   
  MacFarlane, Seth. Seth MacFarlane's a million ways 
    to die in the West    
  Macomber, Debbie. Blossom Street brides  
  Mai, Jia. Decoded   
  McBeth, Colette. Precious thing   
  McHugh, Laura. The weight of blood    
  Mengestu, Dinaw. All our names   
  Mohamed, Nadifa. The orchard of lost souls   
  Morrison, Mary B. If you don't know me   
  Mosse, Kate. Citadel   
  Nesbit, TaraShea. The wives of Los Alamos    
  Nunn, Kem. Chance    
  O'Neal, Barbara. The all you can dream buffet  
  Oates, Joyce Carol. High crime area  
  Oyeyemi, Helen. Boy, snow, bird   
  Patterson, James. NYPD red 2   
  Pavone, Chris. The accident    
  Penman, Sharon Kay. A king's ransom   
  Piercy, Marge. The cost of lunch, etc.  
  Rieger, Susan. The divorce papers   
  Roberts, Nora. Shadow spell   
  Robotham, Michael. Watching you   
  Rosenfelt, David. Without warning   
  Ross, Ann B. Miss Julia's marvelous makeover 
  Stachniak, Eva. Empress of the night  
  Steel, Danielle. Power play    
  Steinhauer, Olen. The Cairo affair   
  Ward, J. R. King of the Black Dagger…  
  White, Randy Wayne. Bone deep   
  Woods, Stuart. Carnal curiosity   
  Zimmerman, Jean. Savage girl   
Adult Nonfiction    
  Angwin, Julia. Dragnet nation: a quest for privacy
  Bauer, Shane. A sliver of light: three Americans…
  Brynjolfsson, Erik. The second machine age  
  Cook, Kevin. Kitty Genovese: the murder…  
  Demint, Jim. Falling in love with America again 
  Entrup, Boris. 10-minute makeup  
  Fodor's. Fodor's Chicago  
  Fodor's. Fodor's Colorado   
  Frost, Jo. Jo Frost's toddler rules  
  Fuhrman, Joel. The end of dieting  
  Gallo, Carmine. Talk like TED  
  Greiner, Lori. Invent it, sell it, bank it!  
  Halvorson, George C. Don't let health care bankrupt…
  Handler, Chelsea. Uganda be kidding me   
  Harris, Mark. Five came back  
  Hoffman, Carl. Savage harvest  
  Jacobs, Hollye. The silver lining  
  Joachim, David. Cooking light global kitchen  
  Kaku, Michio. The future of the mind  
  Karabell, Zachary. The leading indicators  
  Kirn, Walter. Blood will out: the true story…
  Lefkon, Wendy. Walt Disney World 2014  
  Leonard, Christopher. The meat racket: the secret…  
  McArdle, Megan. The up side of down: why failing…
  Mifflin, Margot. Bodies of subversion  
  Moore, Clara. Shop like a chef  
  National Geographic. Compact atlas of the world   
  Paul, Alan. One way out: the inside history…
  Primack, Richard B. Walden warming: climate change
  Puck, Wolfgang. Wolfgang Puck makes it healthy
  Roose, Kevin. Young money  
  Safro, Jill. Disneyland Resort 2014  
  Schama, Simon. The story of the Jews   
  Siegel, Frederick F. The revolt against the masses  
  Warren, Richard. The Daniel plan cookbook  
    Google Nexus tablet for seniors
Back to top Adult Biography    
Barthel, Joan. American saint  
  Corrigan, Kelly. Glitter and glue: a memoir   
  Meck, Su. I forgot to remember: a memoir…
  Pawel, Miriam. The crusades of Cesar Chavez  
  Perez, Rosie. Handbook for an unpredictable life 
  Perry, Douglas. Eliot Ness: the rise and fall of…
  Sixsmith, Martin. Philomena: a mother, her son
  Weber, Bruce. Life is a wheel: love, death, etc.
  Large Print    
  Archer, Jeffrey. Be careful what you wish for  
  Cussler, Clive. The bootlegger  
  Robb, J. D. Concealed in death   
  Barr, Nevada. Destroyer angel [Anna Pigeon]
  Black, Benjamin. Black-eyed blonde [Philip Marlowe]
  Box, C. J. Stone cold   
  Childs, Laura. Steeped in evil [Tea Shop #15]
  Clark, Mary Higgins. I've got you under my skin   
  Daheim, Mary. Alpine yeoman [Emma Lord]  
  Estleman, Loren D. Don't look for me [Amos Walker]
  Griffiths, Elly. Outcast dead [Ruth Galloway]
  Ohlsson, Kristina. The disappeared    
  Perry, Anne.  Death on Blackheath   
  Robinson, Peter. Children of the revolution [Banks]
  Walker, Martin. The Resistance man [Bruno]  
  Science Fiction    
  Calhoun, Kenneth. Black moon    
  Cook, Glen. Working God's mischief: book four
  Herbert, Brian. Mentats of Dune   
  Pratchett, Terry. Raising steam [Discworld]  
  Salvatore, R. A. Night of the hunter   
  Sanderson, Brandon. Words of radiance   
  YA Fiction    
  Bedford, Martyn. Never ending   
  Black, Jenna. Resistance   
  Cosimano, Elle. Nearly gone   
  Engle, Margarita. Silver people: voices from the…
  Grant, Michael. BZRK reloaded   
  Green, Sally. Half bad   
  Harbison, Paige. Anything to have you   
  Jacobs, John Hornor. The Shibboleth   
  Jacobs, John Hornor. The twelve-fingered boy   
  Kaufman, Sashi. The other way around   
  Lundquist, Jenny. The princess in the opal mask 
  Lyne, Jennifer H. Catch rider   
  Madow, Michelle. The secret Diamond sisters   
  Mlynowski, Sarah. Don't even think about it   
  Moriarty, Jaclyn. The cracks in the kingdom   
  Moskowitz, Hannah. Marco impossible   
  Napoli, Donna Jo. Storm   
  Reichs, Kathy. Exposure [Virals]  
  Reynolds, Jason. When I was the greatest   
  Roder, Marlene. In the river darkness   
  Roth, Veronica. Divergent   
  Rutkoski, Marie. The winner's curse   
  Schmidt, Tiffany. Bright before sunrise   
  Walton, Leslye J.  The strange & beautiful sorrows…
  Zevin, Gabrielle. In the age of love and chocolate 
  Cliff, Tony. Delilah Dirk and the Turkish…  
  Hammock, Tom. Will o' the Wisp [Aurora Grimeon]
  Downloadable eBooks    
  Allende, Isabel. Ripper    
  Amato, Mary. Dog gone!   
  Amato, Mary. Missing monkey!   
  Aspe, Pieter. Square of revenge   
  Biggs, Sharon. A mad, wicked folly   
  Blum, Howard. Dark invasion: the secret war…
  Brahmachari, Sita. Mira in the present tense   
  Brockmann, Suzanne. Do or die: Reluctant Heroes   
  Castella, Krystina. Booze cakes: confections spiked…
  Charbonneau, Joelle. Independent study   
  Chiaverini, Jennifer. Mrs Lincoln's rival    
  Coben, Harlan. Missing you   
  Cook, Robin. Cell   
  Corona, Laurel. The mapmaker's daughter    
  Crichton, Michael. Odds on    
  Crichton, Michael. Scratch one    
  David, Erica. Mr Peabody & Sherman  
  Doctorow, E. L. City of God    
  Donoghue, Emma. The sealed letter   
  Dyer, Wayne W. Wishes fulfilled: mastering…  
  Edge, Christopher. Twelve minutes to midnight   
  Elliott, Christopher. How to be the world's smartest
  Evanovich, Janet. The chase   
  Fitzgerald, Laura Marx. Under the egg   
  Friedman, Lauren. 50 ways to wear a scarf   
  Goudge, Eileen. Garden of lies   
  Gribbin, John. Computing with quantum cats
  Grippando, James. The abduction    
  Grippando, James. Afraid of the dark   
  Grippando, James. Blood money   
  Grippando, James. Money to burn  of suspense   
  Grippando, James. Need you now   
  Harbison, Paige. Anything to have you   
  Harris, Charlaine. Dead ever after   
  Harvey, Alyxandra. Haunting Violet   
  Hausman, Kalani Kirk. 3D printing for dummies   
  Helprin, Mark. A soldier of the great war   
  Helprin, Mark. Winter's tale   
  Heyerdahl, Thor. Kon-Tiki: across the Pacific by raft 
  Higgins, Jack. Touch the devil   
  Johnston, E. K. Story of Owen: dragon slayer…
  Kelly, Katy. Melonhead and the We-Fix-It Co.
  Le Guin, Ursula K. The other wind   
  Markle, Sandra. Case of the vanishing honeybees
  McAllister, Ian. Great Bear Sea   
  McClatchy, Steve. Decide: work smarter…  
  Mollenkamp, Aida. Keys to the kitchen  
  Moore, Lorrie. Bark: stories   
  Osborne, Mary Pope. High time for heroes   
  Pavone, Chris. The accident    
  Prose, Francine. Reading like a writer: a guide  
  Rieger, Susan. The divorce papers    
  Riggs, Ransom Hollow city  
  Schindler, Holly. Junction of Sunshine and Lucky 
  Schmidt, Tiffany. Bright before sunrise   
  Smith, Andrew . Grasshopper jungle  
  Sorrells, Amy K. How sweet the sound    
  Steel, Danielle. Power play    
  Straley, John. Cold Storage, Alaska   
  Trimm, Cindy. The art of war for spiritual battle
  Tuchman, Barbara Wertheim. The guns of August   
  Turnage, Sheila. The ghosts of Tupelo Landing 
  Volponi, Paul. The Final Four   
  Volponi, Paul. Response   
  Volponi, Paul. Rikers High   
  Walton, Leslye J.  Strange and beautiful sorrows of 
    Ava Lavender   
  Weir, Andy The Martian    
  Williams-Garcia, Rita. Jumped   
  Woods, Stuart Standup guy   
  Zegarelli, Mark. Basic math & pre-algebra for   
  Downloadable Audiobooks    
  Ashley & Jaquavis. The black dahlia   
  Ashley & Jaquavis. Epidemic: Murderville Trilogy #2 
  Condie, Allyson B. Reached   
  Connelly, Michael. The Lincoln lawyer    
  Ford, Jamie. Hotel on the corner of bitter…
  Helprin, Mark. Winter's tale   
  Horan, Nancy. Under the wide and starry sky  
  Jacobsen, Annie. Operation Paperclip   
  King, Stephen. The stand [complete & uncut]
  Leonard, Elmore. Pronto   
  Leonard, Elmore. Riding the rap   
  Portman, Frank. King Dork   
  Schmidt, Gary D. Okay for now   
  Audiobooks on CD    
  Andrews, Mary Kay. Irish eyes   
  Archer, Jeffrey. Be careful what you wish for    
  Bradford, Barbara Taylor. Cavendon hall   
  Charyn, Jerome. I am Abraham    
  Clark, Mary Higgins. I've got you under my skin   
  Coben, Harlan. Missing you   
  Cussler, Clive. The bootlegger   
  Deaver, Jeffery. Trouble in mind  
  Fortier, Anne. The lost sisterhood    
  Greene, Amy. Long man   
  Grippando, James. Black horizon   
  Horan, Nancy. Under the wide and starry sky  
  Lancaster, Jen. Twisted sisters   
  Scottoline, Lisa. Keep quiet   
  Smith, April. A star for Mrs. Blake   
  Steel, Danielle. Power play   
  Vanderbes, Jennifer. The secret of Raven Point    
  White, Randy Wayne. Bone deep   
  Barry, Dave. You can date boys when…  
  Adult DVD    
  Redford, Robert. All is lost   
  Bale, Christian. American hustle   
  Rush, Geoffrey. The book thief   
  Smith, Maggie. Downton Abbey. Season 4   
  Gandolfini, James Enough said   
  Lawrence, Jennifer. Catching fire   
  Lawrence, Jennifer. Catching fire [blu-ray]  
  Isaac, Oscar. Inside Llewyn Davis   
  Singh, Anant Mandela: long walk to freedom 
  Hanks, Tom. Saving Mr. Banks   
  Ejiofor, Chewetel. 12 years a slave   
  Aubrey, Juliet. The White Queen   
  York, Steve. Bringing down a dictator   
  YA DVD    
  Rush, Geoffrey. The book thief   
  Lawrence, Jennifer. The hunger games. Catching fire 
  Hemsworth, Chris. Thor. The dark world   
  Hauschultz, Jim. Blood brothers: how our children
    become killers  
  Easy/Early Readers    
  Baillie, Allan. DragonQuest   
  Bluemle, Elizabeth. Tap tap boom boom   
  Carle, Eric. 10 little rubber ducks   
  Carle, Eric. Pancakes, pancakes!   
  Casanova, Mary. Some cat!   
  Catherine, Maria. Me and Dad   
  Cyrus, Kurt. Motor dog   
  DiTerlizzi, Angela. Some bugs   
  Donofrio, Beverly. Where's Mommy?   
  Engle, Margarita. Tiny rabbit's big wish   
  Galbraith, Kathryn O. Two bunny buddies   
  Gomi, Taro. The great day   
  Goodhart, Pippa. Little Nelly's big book   
  Gravett, Emily. Matilda's cat   
  Gray, Rita. Have you heard the nesting bird? 
  Gutiérrez, Elisa. Letter lunch   
  Harrison, Hannah E. Extraordinary Jane   
  Hodgkinson, Leigh. Troll swap   
  Hood, Susan. Rooting for you   
  Kaplan, Michael B. Betty Bunny wants a goal   
  Kenah, Katharine. Ferry tail   
  Koehler, Fred. How to cheer up Dad   
  Lodding, Linda Ravin. A gift for Mama   
  Lum, Kate. Princesses are not just pretty   
  Manceau, Edouard. Presto change-o!  
  McCully, Emily Arnold. Little Ducks Go  
  McDonald, Megan. Shoe dog   
  Meshon, Aaron. Tools rule!   
  Moundlic, Charlotte. The bathing costume  
  Mueller, Carolyn. Bubbles the dwarf zebu  
  Offill, Jenny. Sparky   
  Perrin, Clotilde. At the same moment, around…
  Reagan, Jean. How to babysit a grandma   
  Reynolds, Peter H. Going places   
  Russo, Marisabina. Sophie sleeps over   
  Ruzzier, Sergio. Bear and Bee: too busy   
  Sadler, Marilyn. Alice from Dallas   
  Samworth, Kate. Aviary Wonders Inc. Spring   
    Catalog and Instruction Manual 
  Sheehan, Kevin. The dandelion's tale   
  Shields, Carol Diggory. Baby's got the blues   
  Singleton, Linda Joy. Snow Dog, Sand Dog   
  Steggall, Susan. The diggers are coming!   
  Steig, William. Brave Irene   
  Subramaniam, Manasi. The fox and the crow   
  Walton, Rick. I need my own country!   
  Wells, Rosemary. Stella's Starliner   
  Yoon, Salina. Penguin in love   
  Allen, Joy. Baby signs: a baby-sized guide
  Nat'l Geo. Soc. Baby animals   
  Boynton, Sandra. Snuggle Puppy!   
  Tiger Tales. Easter surprise   
  Lewis, Anthony. Going out   
  Lewis, Anthony. Meal time   
  Lewis, Anthony. Play time   
  Lewis, Anthony. Getting ready   
  Lewis, Anthony. My first animal signs   
  Page, Stefan. We're going to the farmers market 
  Patricelli, Leslie. Tickle   
  Young, Cybèle Out the window   
  Zuckerman, Andrew. Creature colors   
  Zuckerman, Andrew. Creature numbers   
  Capucilli, Alyssa Satin. Biscuit loves the library   
  Coudray, Philippe. Benjamin Bear in Bright ideas!
  Dean, Kim. Pete the Cat. Too cool for school 
  Juvenile Fiction    
  Agosín, Marjorie. I lived on Butterfly Hill   
  Angleberger, Tom. Princess Labelmaker to the rescue!
  Boyne, John. Stay where you are & then leave 
  Brown, Skila. Caminar   
  Bruel, Nick. Bad Kitty for president   
  Bruel, Nick. Bad kitty gets a bath   
  Bruel, Nick. Bad Kitty vs. Uncle Murray   
  Bruel, Nick. Bad Kitty drawn to trouble   
  Clifton, Lutricia. Freaky Fast Frankie Joe   
  Clifton, Lutricia. Freaky Fast Frankie Joe   
  Fisher, Catherine. Obsidian mirror: the slanted worlds 
  Fitzgerald, Laura Marx. Under the egg   
  Gordon, Amy. The shadow collector's apprentice 
  Gordon, Amy. The shadow collector's apprentice 
  Green, Tim. Pinch hit   
  Hartnett, Sonya. The children of the king   
  Herrera, Robin. Hope is a ferris wheel   
  Johnson, Jaleigh. The mark of the dragonfly   
  Johnston, E. K. Story of Owen: dragon slayer of…
  Kerrin, Jessica Scott. Spit feathers   
  Kubo, Tsugiko. My neighbor Totoro    
  Lord, Cynthia. Half a chance   
  Mills, Claudia. Zero tolerance   
  Mull, Brandon Sky Raiders   
  Nielsen, Jennifer A. The runaway king   
  Nielsen, Jennifer A. The shadow throne   
  Peirce, Lincoln. Big Nate: in the zone   
  Pflugfelder, Bob Nick and Tesla's robot army…  
  Rocklin, Joanne. The five lives of our cat Zook   
  Rubino-Bradway, Caitlen. Ordinary magic   
  Schreiber, Joe. Lenny Cyrus, school virus   
  Stiles, Martha Bennett. Sailing to freedom   
  Sutherland, Tui. The dragonet prophecy   
  Woodworth, Chris. Ivy in the shadows   
  Parish, Herman. Amelia Bedelia goes wild!   
  Juvenile DVD    
  Bell, Kristen. Frozen   
  Juvenile Audiobook on CD    
  Bregar, Johnny. American playground   
  Cooper, Helen. Pumpkin soup   
  Erwin, Damien. Instrumental dreamland   
  Finch, Mary. The little red hen   
  Grombacher, Kerry. Cowboy playground   
  Martin, Bill. Panda Bear, Panda Bear…  
  Putumayo. Latin Dreamland   
  Putumayo. World sing-along   
  Shulevitz, Uri. Snow   
  Juvenile Nonfiction    
  Allison, John. Bad machinery: the case of….  
  Aloian, Molly. Green gardening and composting 
  Borden, Louise. Baseball is...   
  Brown, Marc Tolon. In New York   
  Bryan, Dale-Marie. Smartphone safety and privacy 
  Cooper, Ilene. A woman in the House and Senate 
  Dean, Kim. Pete the Cat. Big Easter adventure 
  Dudley, William. Thinking critically Stem cell research
  Ehlert, Lois. The scraps book: notes from a…
  Elton, Sarah. Starting from scratch  
  FitzSimmons, David. Curious critters. Volume two   
  Grun, Anselm. Jesus   
  Hughes, Catherine D. First big book of space   
  Janeczko, Paul B. Firefly July: a year of very short…
  Jenkins, Paul. Fairy quest. Volume 1, Outlaws 
  Latta, Sara L. Scared stiff: everything you need 
    to know about 50 famous phobias 
  Losure, Mary. Wild boy: the real life of the   
    Savage of Aveyron   
  McMullan, James. Leaving China: an artist paints…
  Mooney, Carla. Thinking critically. Performance-
    enhancing Drugs   
  Mortimer, Rachael. Jack and the jelly bean stalk   
  Murawski, Darlyne. Ultimate bugopedia  
  Nakaya, Andrea C. Thinking critically. Social networking 
  Pelleschi, Andrea. Olivia and Oscar build an…  
  Prins, Marcel. Hidden like Anne Frank  
  Rooney, Anne. Audio engineering and the   
    science of soundwaves   
  Rubbino, Salvatore. A walk in Paris   
  Rubin, Susan Goldman. Everybody paints!: the lives…  
  Schwarz, Viviane. The sleepwalkers   
  Shields, Amy. First big book of why   
  Snedden, Robert. Environmental engineering…  
  Snedden, Robert. Chemical engineering and   
    chain reactions   
  Squire, Ann. Mammals   
  Suen, Anastasia. Downloading and online   
    shopping safety and privacy   
  Ward, Jennifer. Mama built a little nest   
  Werle, Simone. 13 fashion styles children…  
  Woodward, John. Everything you need to know 
    about dinosaurs  
  Juvenile Music    
  Bell, Kristen. Frozen   
  Juvenile Oversize NF    
    Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse tales
  Dematons, Charlotte. A thousand things about Holland 
  Dematons, Charlotte. A thousand things about Holland 
  Juvenile Biography    
  Azzarelli, Ally. Drake!: hip-hop celebrity   
  Gandhi, Arun. Grandfather Gandhi   
  Rosenstock, Barb. Streak: how Joe DiMaggio…  
  Wallace, Rich. Babe conquers the world   
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